CEO – Dan K.

Dan Yamaha R1Dan K
2003 Ford Mustang
2007 Yamaha R1
CEO and Founder

I grew up in Napa, CA and was very active in band through middle school and high school. I began learning and developing my leadership skills as a Junior at Napa High when I was selected as Assistant Drum Major of the marching band then selected Senior year as Drum Major. Being in charge of  a 120 person group taught me that I liked “being the one in charge”, the one responsible for making it happen (or not making it happen)! At this point I knew I wanted to make my own career. Well, here it is, Of course, I didn’t know this would be my path at the time.

After high school I moved to San Diego and went to a combination of the community colleges before transferring to San Diego State University. My initial major was computer science but shortly realized that I was not ready for the in-depth knowledge I needed to pass my classes (boy do I wish I would have sucked it up then!) so I changed my major to Economics.

After graduating college and a long job search I landed my first gig doing content and server management for a company that handles large quantities (Tera-bytes) of hand manipulated data each day. Here I met one of my business mentors that showed and encourage ways to be successful with business and being your own boss is the way to go. This job was a commute for me, about 95 miles round trip each day. On a “just out of college budget”,  gas for the commute was killing me. This led me to make my first “large purchase” and “impulse buy” as a college graduate. Without any experience, only a desire to ride, I bought my first brand new motorcycle (2009 Suzuki SV-650s) and had it delivered to the house because I didn’t know how to ride it!

After the safety course and some YouTube clips I slowly built up my riding skills to make the commute to work each day. Soon I racked up enough miles for my first set of services and realized just how much it cost to maintain. I started doing some research to learn how to do it on my own and realized just how easy it was (not all, but a lot of it), I only needed to find a forum post or blog about it that wasn’t full of broken images or links to important “make it or break it” steps.

This gave me the idea to start blogging about my motorcycle and create instruction manuals of the services I was performing. Soon some friends jumped the ban-wagon and got motorcycles as well and my blog turned into a site about motorcycles. Then a couple months went by and my car needed some work and I realized… “Hey, I think I got something here”.

So here it is, a little something I dreamed up! The sky is truly the limit with what we can offer and look forward to the challenge of making it grow in to what I would love to be a household name!

– Dan (DanTheMan)