Vice-President – Geoffery C.

Geoffery C.
05 GSX-R 750
06 CBR 600
Vice-President & Co-Founder

I was born in Sacramento, ca. I grew up in Vienna, VA. As a kid I was interested in everything and anything with an engine.   I like to think that I was born to drive, ride, or try anything that was fast. I grew up watching Mosterjam and Moto gp because I loved the sound of engines.

Towards the end of high school I got my skydiving licenses because my parents didn’t want me riding motorcycles. Bought my first motorcycle my sophomore year of college.   It was a 06 EX650 an inline twin that was my pride and joy, it didn’t take me long before I started pushing the limits of that bike and my skills as a rider. I rode that bike from Eureka, ca all the way to San José, ca in the ran the whole way down one year, and I have been riding ever since. It was that bike that started my curiosity with mechanics and how things worked. Yet, I was as far as the maintenance on the bike all I could do was change my oil, so after college I decided to move to phoenix and attend MMI. While I was there I worked for a performance shop run by an AMA Pro racer, where I learned everything I could about race set up and performance work. I also bought, fixed, and sold multiple bikes, started a track bike project and went on countless rides all over the state. “I Live to ride and ride to live”

I graduated MMI with certifications in Suzuki, Yamaha, and BMW. I achieved top marks in each and went on to accept a job in beautiful San Diego, ca. Shortly after moving here I met Dan, after finding out that I was a tech. Dan told me about his idea and I was instantly hooked.

What we are building here is much more then just as website, our company’s as well as my personal goal is to educate the under informed and to assist the those who are working on their own projects. We are here as a tool to help those who are looking for the information they need to help them with anything they might have.   We are here to help your girl friend when she gets a flat find the location of here jack and even how to change the wheel. We are here to help you friends find new ideas on mods that the can do to their cars with the newest products from reputable companies that we have already tried and reviewed ourselves. We are here for with useful online tools that make working their own engines. We will continue to build our data bases and information everyday because it helps you. We want to see all the projects and hear everything you build and work on, because as much as we do this for the people we cannot do it without the people.

I am here as your personal tech. Please feel free to ask anything about anything and I will do my best to personal acquire the information. If it is important to you it is important to me and I help anyway I can.