A fuel rating the represents a certain fuel’s resistance to detonation.

Oil Gauge

The oil gauge shows the vehicles oil levels. This should always be around the center of the gauge. Always remember to regularly change your oil as this does not reflect the use and quality of your oil. It is also not a bad idea to double check the oil levels manually using the oil dip stick in the engine every once in awhile as the gauge can be wrong if there is a malfunction.

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench Front

An oil filter wrench is an extremely useful tool when changing your oil. The wrench is made specifically to fit a car’s oil filter and grips the rivets on top of the filter. This helps loosen the filter. Most of the time oil filters are in tight places where you can not get a good enough grip by hand to loosen it. Make sure when purchasing to get the correct one. Different filters come in many different shapes and sizes.

Inside grooves that form to oil filter:

Oil Filter Wrench Front

Outside that attaches to wrench:

Oil Filter Wrench Back

Oil Filter

The oil filter is used to clean and filter debris from the oil flow. This keeps the engine running at optimal performance and prevent major damage from debris build up within the engine. This is a regular serviceable item and needs to be changed according to your vehicles specific maintenance schedule.