Stoichiometric Ratio

14.7 : 1   Air/fuel mix;   Widely regarded as the optimal  ratio for complete utilization of all fuel molecules during combustion


A type of Plain bearing, applied for axial loads only; Having a precision thickness.  Most commonly used in the valve train of an engine to have adjustments in the clearance between a valve and cam.

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Synthetic oil

Oil that’s base stock is laboratory constructed  from organic chemicals at the molecular level; Film strength of synthetic oil is far greater then that of traditional motor oils, which allows for use in high performance engines with strict clearances.

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Shop Rag

A shop rag has many uses while working on a vehicle. They can be used to clean your parts, hands, and even to cover important parts up when working on areas of the car that might be effected form fallout debree.

Shop rags are a great item to keep on hand and usually are one time use depending on what they are used for. It is a good idea to keep them handy while working around a vehicle for whatever use you may need it for. Sometimes you can use a shop rag for thing other than clean up. You could use it over the side panel of a car so when you lean over into the engine compartment your belt buckle or tool belt does not scratch the vehicle.

Because there are so many uses for a shop rag, comment below to tell us what you use yours for… Never know, we all might learn a new trick!