Windshield Wiper

Windshield Wiper are a device used to remove rain and debris from a windshield.


The windshield on a vehicle is the one of the main barriers between the driver and the road, the driver looks through the windshield and it is more or less the main point of focus where you are looking while driving. Windshields also protect the occupants inside of the car. If you think about it without this barrier, there would be all kinds of debris flying directly into the car and faces of the driver and passenger which would make for a terrible driving experience for all involved. Fortunately for us all cars have windshields but if we look at the history of the automobile windshield we have come a long way for the better. In the early years car windshields were just made of plane ordinary class like that of a window.

As you could probably imagine these windshields were not the most safe when a vehicle became involved in a collision with another vehicle, there were countless lawsuits in the early days that were all filed against how unsafe the class used for windshields were due to the high fatality rate in vehicular collusions.  Thankfully our generation has evolved to a much safer and better windshield class that every car uses in todays age. It is called “laminated safety class” basically when making a windshield there are three layers first a class layer, then, sandwiched between another class layer is a cellulose inner layer. This inner layer makes it so when a windshield cracks it does not shatter into a million pieces cutting the victims, instead the class holds together and spider webs the shock throughout the whole windshield.

Basically the windshield stays together even though it shatters, because of the middle layer of the cellulose that holds the two pieces of class together thus illuminating debris flying everywhere and causing damage to anyone or anything.

Windscreen (Motorcycle)

The windscreen on a motorcycle redirects the wind while riding.  Some windscreens are designed to make the motorcycle more aerodynamic and streamline the wind over the rider while other windscreens are solely to protect the rider from oncoming objects such as bugs or debris.