Change oil on 1999-2004 Ford Mustang V6

Description: This guide will show you how to change the oil on a 1999-2004 Ford Mustang V6.

Tools Required:

  1. Oils Catch
  2. Oil Filter Wrench
  3. 13mm Wrench
  4. Funnel

Parts Required:

  1. Oil – Motocraft SAE 5W-20
  2. Oil Filter  – Motocraft Part#FL-400S

Step 1: Get your car lifted so you can gain access to the underneath of the vehicle.

Step 2: Pull the hood release.

Step 3: Unlatch the hood then use the prop rod to keep it open.

Step 4: Use a 13mm wrench to loosen the oil bolt.

Step 5: Line up the oil catcher and remove the bolt. If the engine was just running the oil will be hot!

Step 6: After the oil is done draining, remove the current oil filter. You can use an oil filter wrench to help grip and remove.

Step 7: Use some oil to lubricate the new oil filter seal.

Step 8: Install your new oil filter. Hand tighten to a quarter turn past snug.

Step 9: Re-install your oil bolt. Make sure not to over tighten.

Step 10: Remove your oil cap.

Step 11: Use a funnel to pour 5 quarts of oil into engine. Ford manual recommends Motocraft SAE 5W-20.

Step 12: Put the oil cap back in place.

Step 13: Level the car and run the engine.

Step 14: Check the oil level and make sure the levels are between the min and max markers. If not, you will need to adjust accordingly.

Step 15: Close the hood and make sure it is secure.

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