Replace Turn Signal or Back Up Light on 2007 Toyota Rav4

Description: This guide will show you how to replace the rear turn signal or back up light on a 2007 Toyota Rav4.

Parts Required:

  1. Back Up Light: Wedge 921 Clear
  2. Turn Signal: Wedge 7440 Amber

Step 1: Open the rear door hatch.

Step 2:  Open the side compartment by depressing the latches.

Step 3: Reach into the compartment. Remove the bulb you are looking to replace by twisting counter clockwise.

Step 4: Replace the light bulb, then put back into the light housing and twist clockwise until it has locked back in place.

Note: The reverse light is on the bottom and the turn signal is just above it.

Step 5: Close the side compartment, and you have finished replacing your light bulb.

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