Install USB Charger on 2007-2008 Yamaha R1

Description: This guide will show you how to install a USB charger on a 2007-2008 Yamaha R1.

Tools Required:

  1. 5mm Allen Wrench
  2. Zip Ties
  3. Motorcycle Key

Parts Required:

  1. USB Charger

Step 1:  Remove the two 5mm Allen bolts holding the seat down.

Step 2: Remove the seat.

Step 3: Remove the passenger seat using the key.

Step 4: Run the USB charger from under the passenger seat towards that battery connection terminals.

Step 5: Mount the USB receptor. (This one came with an adhesive).

Step 6: Remove the negative terminal using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 7: Remove the positive terminal using a Phillips screwdriver

Step 8: Connect the positive lead of the USB port to the positive terminal on the battery.

Step 9: Connect the negative lead of the USB port to he negative terminal on the battery.

Step 10: Test the USB charger and make sure that it works.

Step 11: Clean up the extra cable with zip ties or equivalent.

Step 12: Re-install the passenger seat.

Step 13: Re-install the riders seat, and you are now done!


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