Intense old-school Pikes Peak Hill Climb!

We would take our members back in time to the 1988 Pikes Peak Hill Climb with “Clime Dance”.  Take a fearless ride along with Ari Vatanen in his rally-proof Audi, as he climbs the slipper slope to the top of the infamous Highway.  Back before Pikes Peak was paved, before power steering, and modern day safety equipment most can only imagine how spectacular rally driving really was, and that is just what this video does. With no music disrupting the symphony of back fires and screaming exhaust, it puts you either right along side Ari or in a helicopter watching him get dangerously close to the drop off of the summit.  You even hears the dirt as it flies on to the car’s windshield, and see the blinding sun as he uses one of his hands as a visor before the finish line.  whether its Drag racing, Indy Car, Nascar, or Drift this video does not disappoint and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Written by Import Kaelin

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